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If you have questions, referrals or would like to obtain work samples, CV's, fee information, reference letters, useful forms such as  "Medical or Mental Assessment to do Work Related Activities", Sample Interrogatories, or just to discuss a case, please contact us at: 

Adato Vocational Services, Inc. - Address:

    100 East Linton Blvd.  Suite 144A     Delray Beach, FL 33483

Office phone:    (561) 243-0345

FAX number:    (561) 243-8189

Email address:   jerry@adato.com

Website address:     www.adato.com

Disclaimer:   Adato Vocational Services, Inc. and Jerry Adato, Director of Rehabilitation, does not guarantee the outcome of any case and reserves the right to deny or discontinue services at their discretion.