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The Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor can provide the following with respect to Worker's Compensation cases:


* Vocational / Re-Employment   Assessment - determination of alternative work options  for disabled workers through interview and academic, IQ, aptitude testing, review of records and / or contact with physician and employers

* Job Placement - availability of alternative jobs and job placement for individuals with     physical or mental restrictions through direct job placement or Labor Market Survey

* Vocational Retraining recommendations / coordination, to mitigate lost wages,  We also provide Training & Education  Evaluations through the Division of W/C


* Medical care / Catastrophic care Management - spinal cord, TBI, burns, post surgical,  attendant care, durable goods vendors, medical referral base

* Activities of Daily Living and Attendant Care Evaluations - determination of specific needs such as sanitary functions, dressing, driving, ambulation, and housekeeping

* Home / Vehicle modifications / purchases

* Life Care Planning / Costs of medical services and enabling goods and services


*  PTD Evaluations - Determination of ability to work within physical restrictions and vocational profile

* Social Security Assessments - Determination of claimant's ability to qualify for SSDI

* Medical Management Expert - determination of needs, costs of medical goods and services, home and vehicle modifications, pools, spas, chairs, etc.

* Special Disability Trust Fund Evaluations - determination of the existence of a "Vocational Merger" and whether pre-existing conditions or disabilities combine to reduce earning ability.

* Labor Market Surveys - determination and testimony regarding existence of  appropriate jobs and / or forwarding job leads to claimants for Job Search

ADATO VOCATIONAL SERVICES, INC. is also Nationally certified for Federal Workers Compensation and Longshore Harbor Act cases and accepts out of State Workers Compensation cases.


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