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Adato Vocational Services, Inc. is a vocational rehabilitation firm based in South Florida and established by Jerry Adato, M.S., CRC, CVE, CCM in 1987.  The firm provides vocational rehabilitation & medical management services to the disabled population, claims handlers and the litigation community, in Florida and throughout the U.S.  As litigation is integral to disability cases, we take pride in being objective and informative Expert Witnesses in issues of evaluation of post injury earning capacity, potential for work, medical management needs and vocational retraining. 


This website is designed to offer useful information for all of our past, present, and potential clients, customers and attorneys.  Our job-seeking clients may search through local and national classifieds ads and Occupational Outlook Libraries and may also write and post  resumes on the Web at no charge for viewing by hundreds of potential employers.  Attorneys or claims professionals may view specific areas of interest on our site.  Lawyers may visit our Attorney's Page and link to Social Security Law and Rulings, Civil law searches, legal associations and publications.  Each page and area of law will have useful related links to sites which are happy to have visitors at no cost.  


Our clients include SSDI claimants, Workers Compensation, LTD and Personal Injury plaintiffs and defendants, Ticket to Work, ADA and Discrimination plaintiffs and defendants, Federal Workers, Longshoreman and spouses involved in earning capacity disputes.   We manage care and RTW for clients with injuries ranging from spinal cord to TBI, from CTS to RSD, from psychiatric disorders to back syndromes and everything in between. We interview, evaluate, retrain, job place and coordinate medical care, and testify in hearings, trials and depositions as required.

We are contractors to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, State of Florida and many other states with out-of-state claimants requiring medical management and vocational rehabilitation including the States of California, Ohio, Alaska, New York, Michigan, Georgia and Texas.


Adato Vocational Services, Inc.

55 SE 2nd Avenue

Delray Beach, FL  33444

Office phone:   (561) 309-2370

FAX number:   (561) 932-1726

Electronic Mail address:   adato@sprynet.com

Website addresswww.adato.com

Disclaimer:   Adato Vocational Services, Inc. and Jerry Adato, Director of Rehabilitation, does not guarantee the outcome of any case and reserves the right to deny or discontinue services at its discretion. 



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