A Catastrophic Care Plan is a dynamic report based on published standards of practice, comprehensive assessment, data analysis, and research, which provides an organzied and concise plan for current and future needs with associated costs for individuals who have experienced catastrophic injury or who have chronic health care needs.  

Typically, these plans include:

Medical evaluations and care, therapies, diagnostic testing, medical and adaptive equipment, aids for independent functioning, prescription and nonprescription medications, home care / facility care, routine medical care, transportation, architectural modifications, potential complications, surgical intervention and vocational services.

Catastrophic Plans include a review of medical records and supporting documents. It includes interviewing the patient and significant others, consulting with providers and researching costs and sources for treatment. Once this is completed, a cost summary of medical and ancillary care will be calculated to provide litigators a determination of medical damages. These calculations are typically provided to an economist to calculate the present value. 

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One may wonder why treating physicians don't issue this type of Plan although some certainly do.  Take, for example, a patient with complex, multiple injuries or conditions requiring a myriad of medical specialties. In cases like these, a Catastrophic Care Planner reviews the recommendations of all of these physicians and calculates the cost of the patient's entire treatment and cautiously recognize overlapping modalities. 

In another example, a physician may know their charges for a procedure but could only guess what hospital charges and other associated costs may be. Or take for example a physician prescribes an electric wheelchair and "ballparks" it's cost.  Would they know the useful life or the cost of maintenance, battery or wheel replacement? Oftentimes they do not.

A Catastrophic Care Planner can often shed light on issues that medical providers may not have anticipated.

Additionally, a Catastrophic Care Planner may be consulted to evaluate an opposing Expert's plan and costs for accuracy.