A written Assessment performed by a Rehabilitation Provider which provides a comprehensive review of the medical diagnosis, treatment and prognosis; includes conferences with the employer, physician and Claimant and recommends a cost-effective physical and vocational rehabilitation plan to assist the employee in returning to suitable gainful employment."

RE-EMPLOYMENT SERVICES (W/C FL Statute 440.91):  "includes vocational counseling, job seeking skills training, ergonomic job analysis, transferable skills analysis, job placement, labor market surveys and arranging services as education or training, which may be needed by the employee to secure suitable gainful employment.



Oftentimes, claims are made by an injured party for loss of earning capacity due to impairment related work restrictions. The Earning Capacity Assessment assists in determining what kind of work and earnings can be expected post-injury.  We provide vocational testing, analysis of physical restrictions, transferable skills analysis, Labor Market research, retraining options and job search efforts analysis to reach an insightful opinion on ability to earn within one's physical capacities.  We have rendered such opinions in dozens of cases. Our reports have regularly helped the parties reach settlement without the burden of a trial. 

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In alimony claims and modifications, there are often disputes about what type of work a spouse is qualified for and how much they could or should be earning.  An Earning Capacity Assessment can often help the parties become realistic about this issue pre-trial. Most of the elements of this Evaluation are the same as in Personal Injury Earning Assessments but frequently without an injury component. When trial is unavoidable, the testimony required can provide valuable assistance to the Judge or Magistrate in rendering their decisions.